We Are A Community.

We are more than just a VTC. We are all close friends and creating a large community.

We Are Diverse!

We have people from all over the world regardless of ethnicity, nationality, gender or sexuality - everyone is welcome in our VTC.

We Are Active.

We are active, regardless of whether we are on TMP, other games or just vibing together on our discord. You can guarantee, no matter the time or day, you will always have someone within our community to talk to.

We Are A Democracy, Not A Dictatorship!

Any decisions are made together as a community, not by one individual.

We Offer Different Servers!

Outside of TMP we also own different servers, such as Minecraft, BeamMP & Assetto Corsa (with more coming soon)

We Are Validated!

We are already validated and currently on the way to verification!